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audio/video editing

Whether you’ve got your own footage or we shot it together, let arcola assemble it with hand-crafted cuts bound to awe your audience.

  • Any story you need told.
    Narrative, documentary, promotional, educational, etc.
  • Any amount of complexity.
    From tidying up presentation audio, to squeezing a story out of thousands of clips.
  • Any delivery format.
    Film festivals, social media, CMS, or all the above—create with the confidence your content will look amazing on any platform.

motion graphics

Leave your lifeless logos behind—arcola can make them move!

  • Every element deserves a little motion.
    We’ll animate custom logos, intros, transitions, titles, branding, credits, etc.
  • All source material welcome, as-is.
    Not only can we animate individual pieces of a single still image, we’ll make modern versions of older, lo-res logos while we’re at it.
  • Scalable projects for persistent branding.
    Perfect for series or batches of content—commission a common animation once, and arcola can use it as a template to quickly personalize elements as needed for each episode.

sound design

Let arcola polish your prodution with sound so smooth, it even enhances the visuals!

  • Audible artistry.
    We’ll go beyond blending your dialogue, foley & score—we deal in custom, creative sound choices that play intelligently with what’s on screen to embellish context and reinforce theme.
  • Sounds from all around.
    If your project demands sounds not found in our libraries, we’ll record them ourselves at our studio in Brooklyn. And you can always come through with talent to lay down ADR / VO!
  • Cheers you can hear.
    Short films featuring arcola sound design haven’t just screened in festivals—they’ve been winning awards. Will yours be next?


From weddings to world-watched content, arcola keeps your vision in focus.

  • Shoot your shot(s).
    We’ll film shorts, speeches, events, music videos, promos, presentations, and more.
  • Filming with an eye towards the edit.
    The best way to avoid crises on the cutting room floor is actively anticipating every phase of production, before we’ve even started rolling.
  • These resolutions don’t break.
    No detail deserves to go unnoticed—so arcola equipment is up to Netflix spec standards.

If you've got a vision, let's talk about how arcola can make it reality!

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