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The AAFPRS hired me to— as I’ve done for them several times over— construct some unified branding across several videos all recorded and submitted by various doctors all over the country.

Unlike my other motion graphics work for this client, this batch of videos would be geared towards the everyday consumer, as opposed to medical professionals. These are facial plastic surgeons, talking their prospective patients through possible procedures. I took lots of care early on to make sure the intro graphics were approachable, in line with the AAFPRS color scheme, and easily replicable as more videos come in down the line:

Each title element is animated by its own Null Object, so for each new video I can quickly reposition everything without creating/untangling a huge mess.

The sliding bars motif, which I’d built for this video, worked beautifully with the stock image faces that AAFPRS provided and asked I incorporate.

I modified the bars a bit for the lower-third animation that happens sporadically throughout the videos… a lot of back-and-forth notes with the AAFPRS folks until this element was exactly how we all loved it:

Another unique feature of this After Effects work was future-proofing it for videos that don’t exist yet, which will fall under the separate tent of the AAFPRS Foundation (training for surgeons). AAFPRS wanted this animation to be able to be used for either Foundation or Academy purposes, so I rigged slightly different versions of my animated AAFPRS logo, and made sure the fine print under the large FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY text doesn’t carry forward into the rest of the animation. So now, I can toggle between Foundation or Academy intros with the click of a button as more of these videos come across my desk!

If you squint, you can see this comp reads “Educational and Research Foundation”…
...whereas this comp for a completed Academy video swings the other way.

From there, things became a simple Premiere assembly line of importing the raw video from each doctor, matching it to its corresponding After Effects renders, inserting one of several approved stock music tracks, and tightening everything up across the board. I even designed a family of thumbnail images to provide visual cohesion for the batch:

With all the legwork out of the way, I’m looking forward to quickly turning around all future videos, Academy or Foundation, in this series for the AAFPRS! Head over to their YouTube channel to check out the haul so far (as well as some other edits by yours truly).

Your brand or business deserves professionally-crafted content.

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