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Pulling Daisies is Lilly Adams’ senior film for COMM 438, the same class I made Take a Little Time in. I served as director of photography, sound designer, composer, and visual effects supervisor, and I have a story credit as well.

An animated walkthrough I generated to help choreograph the opening, one-take shot (that’s Lilly standing in in a test shot on the right).
1st AC Dan Wescoe and I, having just wrapped on that oner forreal. He’s wearing a donut box around his neck with a belt, which itself is housing an IKAN monitor. While the two of us are tethered by just a long HDMI cable, Dan’s wearing a backpack with a gold mount battery inside, powering the monitor and his remote for my wireless follow focus. So as I followed actress MaryKate Cadden around through the shot, Dan was always right behind me pulling focus. This let me keep the shot (generally) steady, and adjust exposure manually on the prime lens as we moved from outdoors to indoors mid-shot.
VFX breakdown for one of many such shots in the film.

Your brand or business deserves professionally-crafted content.

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