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This is a piece I worked on as part of my Summer 2019 internship with Blue Lion Multimedia.

The storyboarding was done by Dave Galen, who shot the footage along with Blue Lion owner Marty Shoup and myself. I set up lighting and audio for all the interview and testimonial shots:

I contributed some additional B-roll ideas, like Clint walking up to the office building. All the footage I personally shot was using a Nikon D850 on a Zhiyun motorized gimbal—moving shots of the employees talking at the conference table, the mail room, the company logo pens, and so on. I’m even in the video at one point, playing my best financial advising customer.

I edited the piece, primarily using Premiere. The basic progression of the video and Clint’s narration was dictated by Dave’s storyboard, but the placement of B-roll and selection of testimonial clips were at my discretion.

The animated title elements, as well as the final logo sequence, were created in After Effects. Given a still of the RKN logo, I knew I wanted to use the chevron shape cut out of the N as a motif throughout the piece—coinciding with the emphasized slogan, “Guiding You Forward.” The shape that builds in all the interview/testimonial name titles is taken from the logo itself.

For the final logo animation sequence, I set the “RKN” back in 3D space from the “guiding you forward” (then scaled it up to compensate). The chevron flies in, over, then flips around and heads back into its actual place in the logo. As it makes this transition, I automated the color to shift from dark blue to the light blue of the background. However, the background itself and the video underneath it are both elements in Premiere. I rendered the white text/blue chevron out with an Alpha channel from After Effects, to allow for leeway in Premiere with the timings between the letters, the background, Clint’s saying the phrase “guiding you forward,” and the final notes of the music track.

Thank you to Marty Shoup and Blue Lion Multimedia for the video usage.

Your brand or business deserves professionally-crafted content.

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